Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gay Boy Dates Catholic Girl - Imagine all the sex!

Tex called a few days after our meeting. The passage of a few days did not change my mind about him. I found it uncomfortable to reject him, but I did so anyway: "I really want to meet someone close to my own age."

It was a long time before I received another call from my bathroom ad. More about that later.

Junior year of high school was good. One of the highlights for me was that I took on some leadership roles, one of which was in student government. By January I had become good friends with a senior girl who was also involved with student government. She took me under her wing, so to speak. I enjoyed the attention and I think she enjoyed having someone to order around. Mindy was a lot of fun. One of my favorite memories is shooting suction-cup darts at people and cars while driving crazy through parking lots and parts of our city. We did this numerous times with a few friends and I was always in charge of the gun while she drove her 8 cylinder Buick tank. That car could haul ass yet still turn on a dime.

Mindy was a devout Catholic which was new to me. My immediate and extended family had no real interest in religion. She brought me to her church a few times to hear her sing in the choir. One of the great things about Mindy was that she had an older boyfriend who was away at college. This meant that our friendship was never awkward. Neither one of us ever expected that we would be anything more than friends.

The fact that we were never going to get involved meant that Mindy felt free to play matchmaker for me. Around April Mindy started talking about her "very nice" friend from church, Kathy. The first time I met Kathy was at Mindy's high school graduation party.

Kathy was the same age as me, now 16. She was short, very quiet, attractive but not sexy. She was intelligent and upbeat. She was definitely likeable.

I saw Kathy at Mindy's church maybe twice more over the summer. In late August Mindy had packed her bags in preparation for college and had one last gathering at her house to say goodbye to her friends. Our high school was a pretty generic place. Built in the early '60s it mostly served unambitious, unimaginative, unmotivated lower middle class kids. I think when I started as a freshman my class had over 500 people in it. When I graduated there were only 230 who received a diploma. I don't know what happened to all the others. They were people I had never known. The place was so provencial that when Mindy left the state to go to college the notion was a revelation to me. I can leave??? Mindy's example of leaving the state proved to be a watershed event for me. Once I started thinking seriously about college I was certain I wanted to be anywhere but close to home.

But I'm jumping ahead.

By October of senior year Kathy and I were dating. As you might imagine, a relationship between a gay teen and a quiet, conservative catholic girl was not exactly full of fireworks. But I never expected any so I was perfectly happy to give it a try. I felt that it was important that I test a romantic relationship with a girl because I would learn more about myself, particularly what was important to me in life. How could I truly know that I didn't want to be with a girl if I had never given the option a try? Also, it was nice to have an official companion, particularly one who was not threatening in any shape or form.

After about seven weeks the novelty our relationship had worn off. We were both nice people, very respectful of each other, but honestly we didn't have much chemistry. When I broke up with her she said she felt the same way. Still, it was sad for both of us. As far as rounding the bases went, we got as far as first. That was as far as either of us wanted to go.

Kathy didn't know it but part of the reason I felt compelled to break up with her was because I had met someone who stirred my soul. Poor Kathy had no chance compared to my developing crush on Rick.

I think almost everyone has a major teenage crush and Rick was certainly mine.

Delicious doesn't even begin to describe him.

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