Monday, November 25, 2013

Crushed Charlie Dreams

Ryan Reynolds
I'm not someone who often lusts over celebrities.

There are exceptions of a shirtless Ryan Reynolds or Channing Tatum.

One actress I'm a big fan of is Julianna Margulies, star of the highly entertaining show "The Good Wife."

To be honest, I'm not actually sure if I'm a fan of Julianna herself, but I am crazy about her character on the show.  She's smart, classy, steady, hard-working - and extremely elegant.  I find her beautiful "Snow White" looks captivating.

Julianna Margulies

It was Gabbie who got me started watching "The Good Wife."  She was a fan of Julianna's when she was George Clooney's love interest on "ER" back in 1994.

Gabbie and I used to watch "The Good Wife" together when we co-habitated. When she moved out, Gabbie stopped watching, but I've kept up, mostly because I love the female characters on the show.

The reason I'm writing about "The Good Wife" here is because of a recent storyline on the show.  It hit very close to home.

In the episode, Julianna is desperately trying to prevent a misidentified man from being deported.  Because his name-sake testified against a drug lord, if he is deported, he faces certain death.  Julianna tries to overcome numerous governmental hurdles as she does everything she can to prevent the deportation.  It's not even the right man and yet the "wheels of justice" cannot be stopped.

Miraculously (of course), the man is ultimately not deported.  How does "The Good Wife" save the day?  She doesn't.  Someone else on the show convinces the home country not to accept the man.  He's safely turned away at the border.

Say what??  A home country can refuse to accept its own citizen?

Apparently they can. 

None of this has been's third party rumor...but it appears that the United Kingdom is refusing to accept Gabbie's loser ex-boyfriend Charlie.  He hasn't lived there for more than 20 years yet they know they don't want him.

Word has it that Charlie will be released here in mid-December, as soon as he's finished serving a 90 day sentence for bilking an elderly woman out of $30,000.  (Theft really does pay - more than $300 a day!)

This is horrible news.  It not only means that Charlie is returning, it also means there's no way to get rid of him.  Yes, Gabbie has a long-term restraining order against him, but he literally has nothing to lose if he violates it.  Any time he gets drunk (every day) and goes on a rampage, who knows what he'll do.

Gabbie is petrified.

I don't why that asshole piece of scum gets to live such a charmed life.  He does everything wrong and yet he never really suffers.  He's made my life hell.  He's made Gabbie's life hell.  Why the fuck can't he permanently disappear?  When will his reign of terror end?

I can't believe this is happening.


  1. Why would the US want to let him stay here? What country would want this guy? Is there a modern day equivalent of Australia where undesirables and criminals are sent? Have you called the State Dept to confirm this? A hearing before an immigration judge is public record so why can't you find out what is really going on?

    I understand you are concerned about the mother of your children, but SHE got herself into this mess. And you had repeatedly warned her.

  2. I am new to this blog, and apart from reading what is this blog about, I am not familiar with the back story. Do you know if he is being released to the state once his period is done, or will they attempt to deport him?

    1. Hi Mind of Mine - Thanks for stopping by. A good portion of the backstory is covered in the post prior to this one, "Gabbie Gets A Restraining Order."

      At this time, all we know for certain is that there is a hearing of some kind on December 18th. Word has it that Charlie thinks he will be released. He's got someone to put up a bond for him and he's pleading to stay in the US with his kids, once of which is so autistic he will never be able to hold a job. Of course, Charlie pays almost no attention to his kids and he doesn't provide them with financial support but I'm sure those details won't be mentioned at the hearing.

      Overall, I'd say it's very likely he will be released from both immigration and the state.