Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Shelter", "Latter Days" and TWO new movies

"Brokeback Mountain" may have been nominated for eight Oscars and won three, but there are two other films in the m4m genre that are even more popular: "Shelter" and "Latter Days."

The most recent release among those three movies was "Shelter" in 2007.  In the seven years since then, the only m4m movie I've heard about that's been well-liked was 2011's "Weekend."

I thought "Weekend" was decent enough, but I found the 2012 bisexual film "Angels of Sex" to be more interesting.  Unfortunately, neither film has the emotional punch that make "Shelter" and "Latter Days" so popular.

Well, at long last, a newer movie has been made that, I think, is at least as good as "Latter Days."  It's currently available for free on Youtube.  Who knows how long this link will continue to work, so I suggest that you watch it now.  And when you're done, watch the sequel linked below.

I watched both movies "blind." I didn't read the descriptions and knew nothing about the story or characters in advance.  I strongly suggest that you do the same.

The first film starts off slowly, so be patient.


Enjoy even more (at least I did):

The sequel.


  1. Watched the first movie, it was slow at the beginning, thanks for the warning or i would have given up. A lovely film, full of quiet moments and sandpaper turmoil.

    Am on the second film, hopefully I'll get it finished before it vanishes.

  2. Enjoyed both movies very much, though the ending of the second one seemed too dramatic and not real. But there's emotional depth and sexy scenes in both. Nice full frontal view in the second film! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them Adam.

      Neither film is perfect, but overall, I feel like they're better than 96% of the gay films I've seen. I think they deserve more praise and recognition than they've received.